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All Pinzur, All The Time

Monday, July 05, 2004

I guess I need to post one

I was pretty much suckered into this whole "blog" thing. Hell, I don't even know what a "blog" is. But I am not gonna sit down and write out the definition of it. I have read enough of what is expected for a blog and I think I can figure something out. But still, blog, of all words? Ok, I am over it.

I am Little Pinz, although I am much bigger than Big Pinz, Big Pinz and Little Pinz have pretty much nothing in common with one another with the exception of the last name.

So I just got back from Boston for a friend from college's wedding. After being gone from Boston and Mass for three years I forgot how hard it was to understand those accents. It was like being surrounded by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon from
Good Will Hunting except with real Boston accents all weekend long.

Then I have to deal with the amount that some of these people still drink. One of my buddies looks over to me at the post-wedding party, we are hanging out outside, and says, "I am happiest when I am sh*t-faced." Then promptly stands up, walks over to the fence, vomits, then strips into his boxers and starts jumping in and out of the pool. What a night.

Oh yeah, welcome to our "blog". If you have any questions or comments about my posts, I just dont care. So save your complaints, Michael Moore, and I will continue posting things here. People laugh and say that I can be a bitter person (all very too true), I will try and post the exact things that piss me off. Mostly, I believe, it is the same thing that pisses others off, I am just the one that is willing to admit it out loud.

For example, the current craze with the tube tops or tights shirts, I have to say I like on the right woman. No more fat chicks should be wearing them, I dont care if you just lost 50 pounds and now feel like you look great and want to wear one. When you get to about 120 pounds (you know, another 100 pounds from your current weight) then go ahead and wear one. I cannot look at these broads and their belly fat rolling out of their tube tops. Also, Old Broads should refrain from wearing them or wearing the same stupid looking shirts that teens and early 20s women may wear. It looks dumb enough on the teenagers, but they are suppose to be stupid, pretty much because they are, but an older woman wearing stupid t-shirts and clothes meant for teenie-boppers simply look ridiculously stupid and should be forced to live in Laos or Thailand wearing nothing but these shirts in front of the people that make the shirts for a dime a day with no bathroom breaks.

But that is just an example.


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