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All Pinzur, All The Time

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Junior Analyst and a jaw full of Louisville Slugger

Now, before I get into my post with how friggin useless and miserable my junior analyst is, I have to say, that I have recently read Big Pinz's posts and I think I now, with the help of dictionary.com, understand 5 words in his posts. I am proud of my accomplishments.

Now on to my friggin useless junior analyst. The best thing that happened today was for me to find out when I got to work that my junior analyst called in sick to work. It is 80 degrees out and he is sick. I think he has come down with a case of the "job interview-itis". A sickness most commonly found when someone knows that their days are numbered with their current job or are ready to move on to a new one.

This guy has been here for three months and I still have to go over things that I thoroughly showed him how to do three or more times. I was out of the office on Friday and when I got back today and had to do something that he had been working on, I noticed that the information was totally and completely wrong. It is a nice feeling that I know that within two weeks, if he does not real quickly improve himself, I will submit a formal letter of termination for him. And if that does not work, I will use the ole Lousiville Slugger across the jaw technique. Both have similar results just with a different way of getting there.

Nothing like a junior analyst who comes in and decides to dress so crappy for a bank, that new dress codes are established simply because of him. Nothing like showing up to work, at a bank, wearing khaki pants, a nike tennis shirt with a semi-collar, with a zipper front, random black spots that were not suppose to be on the shirt and major yellow pits arm-pit stains seeping out. Surprisingly enough, later that day, our boss sent out an email that we will become from business casual to business casual formal, which is simply button down shirts and trousers everyday except for Friday. So what does my lame ass junior analyst wear? He wears three consecutive wrinkled shirts and then, this past Wednesday, decides it is ok for him to wear a white, polo shirt that he got from his days of working at Sharper Image. Nothing like having clients come in and see someone wearing that shirt. He might as well have worn a Radio Shack shirt, with his name tage with the name "Sven" on it, we a stupid looking goatee, and a look like he has not left his tv set at home from playing some dumbass XBox for the past 37 hours of his life.

Maybe a Lousiville Slugger is not enough.....


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