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All Pinzur, All The Time

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Marijuana: 10 Times Better Than Paxil

Local pothead and newly-retired running back Ricky Williams told one our Herald columnists today that, just days after he decided to retire, he found out he had failed a third drug test.

But it's not a big deal, he said, because marijuana is "just a plant," which he smoked while traveling with Lenny Kravitz.

Besides, it's medicinal:

Williams, who suffers from social-anxiety disorder and was a spokesperson for the anti-depressant Paxil, said marijuana helped him once he had to stop using Paxil because it didn't agree with his diet.
''Marijuana is 10 times better for me than Paxil,'' he said.
Williams said he doesn't see anything wrong with marijuana because it is ''just a plant'' and his hero, Bob Marley, admitted to smoking it daily. Williams has Marley tattooes all over his body, named his first child Marley and is friends with Marley's children.

And more...

Williams said he continued smoking throughout his time as Dolphins, stopping only for a month here and there, but passed random tests by drinking 32 ounces of a masking agent called Extra Clean and chasing it quickly with 32 ounces of water.

What can I even say to top that.


  • Thanks for the helpful info Ricky. I'm gonna go smoke a ton and drink some Extra Clean. You think Fresh Direct delivers that?

    By Blogger LiAps, at 6:53 PM  

  • I don't understand the big deal on using Mary Jane, esp. during the off season. It's not like it enhances performance of anything.

    Well... there goes my #1 pick for the last 3 years.

    At least it wasn't crack... crackhead..

    Paxil... big Pharma... oh... I won't start.

    By Blogger Pup, at 8:36 AM  

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