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All Pinzur, All The Time

Monday, July 19, 2004

Now where did I leave my heroin?

This article is just beautiful.  A drug dealer was arrested in New Jersey after returning his rental and forgetting to take with him 88 bags of heroin. 
Could you imagine what was going through his head when he realized he did not have his 88 bags of heroin?
DD = Drug Dealer
DD: Now where did I leave my cell phone? 
Friend of DD: Well, where did you last put it?
DD:  Well, if I knew that I would have my cell phone.  Oh wait, I put it in the console of my rental car with my 88 bags of heroin.  Oh shit, I left my cell phone in the console.  Oh really shit, I left the 88 bags of heroin in the rental car as well.  There better not be some obnoxious, pimply-faced teenager that takes it all.  I will kill him for taking my possessions.


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