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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Underoos are fun to wear

Should I be surprised that our state editor (in his 50s) has never heard of Underoos? One of our interns mentioned something about the 70s-and-80s-era cartoon-themed underwear, and the editor was mystified.

Turns out their were briefly (no pun intended) discontinued, but have been reintroduced. There's also apparantly a push to market "classics" to adults - a marketing move I'm not quite sure how to interpret. I would interested to meet the woman interviewed in this story, who said that if Fruit of the Loom makes adult Wonder Woman Underoos, she'll "buy their whole stock."

I hadn't thought about Underoos in a long time, but saw them just a few weeks ago while watching an excellent marathon of I Love The 70s on VH1.

Does anyone remember a similar product that was pajamas instead of underwear? I had a Spider-Man set, and remember it as a long-sleeve shirt and pajama pants in that waffle-weave fabric used for thermal long johns.


  • I'm sorry, but a full-grown woman in Wonder Woman Underoos would be absolutely . . . HOT. I, too, would like to meet Ms. McGowan. Let me tell you, we'd put the invisible plane on autopilot and hop into the back of the cockpit, and they'd hear her screaming all the way to Paradise Island. Or Fantasy Island for that matter. "De Plaane, Boss. And look - ees a naykid superhero riding Meeester LiAps!"

    By Blogger LiAps, at 10:33 AM  

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