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All Pinzur, All The Time

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Just when I thought a former professional athlete wouldn't....

After the recent spat of Notre Dame football players and the need to lower academic standard and permit more "black" athletes to allow Notre Dame to become competitive again, former Cleveland Pitcher and Hall-of-Famer, Bob Feller, had to open his mouth. "I object very strongly to Muhammad Ali being here to throw out the first pitch, and you can print that," Feller was quoted as saying in Wednesday's Boston Herald. "This is a man who changed his name and changed his religion so he wouldn't have to serve his country, and, to me, that's disgusting."

Good job, Bob, way to get over something that occurred over thirty years ago. Just because you chose to join the US Navy, give up four years of your life and your baseball career to join the Navy does not make you a better American. There were plenty of people that avoided the draft to avoid going to Vietnam. I am sure some of them we can Senator and CEO, not just the greatest boxer ever.

Although, I think that Muhammad Ali should stop making public appearances since he is now shaking worse than a Crackhead that has gone without a hit for a month. Unfortunately, the only other physical movement Ali can make, other than shake, is put up his fists and pretend to start throwing punches (punches that could and would probably still knock almost anyone of us out). Ali, for all boxing afficionados and everyone else (myself would be grouped in the latter), I want to continue to remember you as the guy who would talk about how and when he would knock you out and then go out and do it, instead of the guy who needs assistance to walk to the pitcher's mound for baseball's All-Star game. Ali, just take a break, move to Florida, and call it a good life.


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