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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Governor Rod Blagojevich: As Different from President-Elect Obama as...well, White and Black

Governor Rod Blagojevich. A man I now lament voting for. The man who tried to sell the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Obama. The sad thing is he did this with no subtlety whatsoever. Governor Blagojevich did everything short of taking up an ad in all Illinois newspapers selling the seat, or placing the seat on eBay. Wouldn’t that have made more sense for the Governor to have just done that. Wouldn’t it had been easier? What would his user name have been? HotRodGov? BlaGov? (Add your names in the comment box). Maybe an ad next to all Chicago highways? Just an idea to throw out there for next time.

It seems like there was just no tact in how the governor handled this. Did he think he was above the law? That the law would not care about this? Does he think people are just that stupid? I think now it is obvious that it is he who is just that stupid. It amazes how certain people when faced with power just become completely blind with it. Whatever happened to the good ole days of statesmen working for the benefit of their constituents and for the greater good? I guess that went out the door the day people wanted to update their kitchens to include granite and stainless steel and to upgrade their car to a BMW from…well, a Schwinn.

On a personal level, I cannot wait for the hilarity of what is to ensue with his trial and to read about all the things he and his staff have done while in power. I will be curious to know if there will be farm animals involved as well. It just seems like anytime an issue pops up, farm animals are inevitably involved. I think this could be the most interesting non-economy, non-Obama story of 2009, especially in Illinois. I think his ability to run for governor again probably took a hit by this.

On top of all the fun with the governor, we now get to add his wife into the fray. When I first heard about this, the first thing I was going to note on here was a Lady MacBeth reference, but the Chicago Tribune “beat” me to the punch. Sweet, innocent Patricia Blagojevich. Her entire life she has been within arm’s reach of Chicago politics and corruption since her father was an Alderman. It sounds like from arm’s reach to, well, simply arm. She was already mentioned in many issues surrounding Tony Resko. She later joined an investment bank claiming she would be able to help with her contacts within the state, which, luckily for both her and the investment bank never seem to have materialized. Lady MacBeth could be joining her husband behind bars if enough information turns up.


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