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Monday, November 08, 2004

Classic? Rock?

Today is a postcard-perfect day in Miami - blue skies, warm sun, 81 degrees... we even saw wild parrots flying around while we ate lunch at a sidewalk cafe in South Beach.

While cruising across the MacArthur Causeway with the convertible top down and the Classic Rock station on my XM Radio, however, there was a disturbing sound.

The sound of Tommy Tutone.

We could go 'round and 'round arguing the merits (or lack thereof) involved in '80s rock and, for that matter, in classic rock.

But is there really a compelling argument to be made that "867-5309 Jenny" belongs on the same station as Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones? And is a song released in 1981 honestly eligible for classic rock status?

I vote no.


  • I *also* vote NO. Guh.

    By Blogger Sloth, at 3:43 PM  

  • Are you sure you weren't listening to a local station like 94.9 Zeta or Big 105.9? I only ask because they are COMPLETELY arbitrary about what kind of music they play. Zeta is SUPPOSED to be the "new rock" station, but they frequently play AC/DC, some REALLY old Metallica, and - I kid you not - cuts from the first Beastie Boys album. They NEVER play anything truly new, and keep re-churning rap-metal from the late '90s.

    On Big 105.9, the "classic rock" station, they play plenty of Guns n' Roses and Nirvana. (I know some of you are a bit younger than me, but c'mon...that ain't classic yet.)

    Don't get me wrong...I love all the aforementioned bands, but the ironically named Clear Channel media empire needs to tighten up on its formats. Drives me nuts.

    By Blogger Medium Ray, at 5:08 PM  

  • I've developed a simple test for "classic" rock stations... I call it the "Mr. Roboto" test.

    By Blogger James F, at 1:50 PM  

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