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All Pinzur, All The Time

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It has been awhile, and I know my legion of fans have missed me

I have been busy with this whole "work" thing, especially now that I have three people who report to me. And since we have had new people working for us, naturally the one thing who do is go out drinking with them. Which we have. One of the past two Thursday nights, I was out until 4:45 AM only to go to work the following morning at 8 (I was awesome that day), followed by a 3 AM day the following week. Therefore, all my free time has been spent getting clean from my sinful ways.

But now, for the newest post. This greatly defines the south. Nothing like a good ole drive home from the bar after knocking back a few dozen beers with an old friend. And what could be better you ask? Why, decapitating his head, not realizing it for another few miles. Still getting home and going to bed in blood soaked clothing and leaving your poor decapitated friend behind in the front seat of your, you guessed it, truck. You dont believe me? Silly rabbit. Just check out this link then. Drunken man drives home with decapitated friend. I love the south for their crazy ways.


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