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All Pinzur, All The Time

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


So the Pinzur Blog has been going for quite some time now, at least a few months, and hard work and nothing but the Gods honest truth, and plenty of pimpin' action seem to be the norm around here. To keep our readers happy, I have decided to reply to some of the seemingly endless e-mails regarding myself, Big Pinz and, the yet unheard from, Lady Pinz.

So after sifting through 10's of emails (ok, more like 5's of emails), these were the best I got:

E-mail #1: How do you two always come up with the most witty of all blogs that I have ever read on the internet?
Moira - Lansing, MI
Little Pinz: Well, I think we both owe it the invention of Cable TV. Because of it, neither of us have the attention necessary to focus on our jobs all day long and instead choose to search for and read mindless, ridiculous comments and stories. Some dont even seem believable (See my recent post concerning the decapitation of a friend while driving home from a bar drunk.) At least for Big Pinz, it is much more up his alley for his employment responsibilities. Where it has absolutely nothing to do with mine. My employers, whoever they may be, love me.

E-mail #2: You guys seem funny and hot!
Casandra - Little Rock, AK
Little Pinz: Well, Casandra, that was in no way a question. But I think I know what you mean. We both may seem funny and hot, when in all reality, Big and Little Pinz are both as dull as printer paper, but we definitely are hot....ter than any guy at the Republican National Convention...albeit, that is not saying much.

E-mail #3: Do you guys know the Pimp and his ultraviolet lifestyle?
Little Pinz: I dont. Big Pinz might. Although I am sure if I met him on the street I would either run away in fear of being pimped out myself, or talk with him to better understand the pimping lifestyle and see if that could be a possible future career choice for Little Pinz.

E-mail #4: Little Pinz, why is it that most of your posts are incoherent and it gives me a headache simply trying to understand what your point is on almost every post?
Steve - Martinsburg, WV.
Little Pinz: I will kill you Steve! Actually it is mostly because Big Pinz is a professional writer, where I am a professional waste of space, better known as a financial analyst. I work with numbers all day Steve, not drinking moonshine in the basement of my parents house. Hell, I am surprised you can even read coming from the land of the Hatfield and McCoys. How about enrolling in a Community College and learning something other than your sister's bra size.

E-mail #5: Is Lady Pinz as hot as Big Pinz says she is?
John - Miami, FL
Little Pinz: You better watch it, John. You are treading on thin ice. That is my sister you are talking about. But, yeah, she is good looking. Big Pinz got lucky that someone like her would be willing to put up with someone like him.

Ok....that is all for the Email bag for now. Keep sending the emails and I will eventually get to them. I appreciate everyone reading it. All 2,000 of you. Although I could see Big Pinz trying to artificially increase that counter somehow.


  • For what it's worth, I've been reminded that AK is Alaska - AR is Arkansas.

    By Blogger Big Pinz, at 3:42 PM  

  • Well, they arent too smart in Arkansas. And I just wrote what they did on the email.

    By Blogger Little Pinz, at 3:04 PM  

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