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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Frances: The Bitch of 2004

Just a quick post to let everyone know we're AOK and riding out Frances. The movers came on Thursday morning... 15 minutes into offloading stuff into our new condo, the maintenance crew put up hurricane shutters - the movers had to use the back door to get everything delivered. We had to evacuate shortly thereafter. Made it back for a few hours yesterday to get some unpacking done, but have otherwise been riding it out at our friends' house about 10 miles west.

Truth is, we're not getting the brunt here. Frances has stalled, so we've been getting heavy rain and rough wind for five or six hours and are supposed to keep getting it all night, but it's going to be much worse about an hour north of here.

We hope to be able to go to our new home tomorrow to really start moving in. Thanks to everyone checking in on us.


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