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All Pinzur, All The Time

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Between a busy travel schedule, busy work schedule and general lack of anything exciting to share with the blogosphere, APATT has been awfully quiet these last few weeks.

I still have nothing add that is either relevant or true.

Instead, I'm adding a link to The Dialog Blog, in which some funny dude from San Francisco posts snippets of dialogue he overhears around town.

My favorite current example:

"Step aside, we're the heroes of lunch."
"We are?"
"Quiet. My powers are to choose from Chinese, Mexican, or burgers."
"What are my powers?"
"You buy."
"I want your powers."
"Sorry, they're unique to me."
"I have the power to tell both of you that you're lame."

There's also a search box for Amazon.com, purely because I get about 50 cents every time someone buys something through that link. It's my get-rich-slow scheme.


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