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All Pinzur, All The Time

Monday, August 29, 2005

Reading Is Good

There are many stories to tell from our annual trip when, like swallows to Capistrano, our college gang migrates to Las Vegas. Regular readers will recognize James and Andrew (of furdell.com fame), LiAps, Pup and both Big and Lil' Pinz.

There was my personal gambling record (22 hours), there was the crazy lady cursing in Chinese as the Pai Gow table... good times were had by most.

We'll get things going with this, possibly the funniest story in our long history of Vegas trips.

We always make it a point to schedule one off-the-strip adventure. Previous ones have included hiking at Red Rocks and driving out to Area 51. This year we went for minor-league baseball, courtesy of the Las Vegas 51's, who were hosting (I am not making this up) the Portland Beavers.

Cashman Field is a very pretty, very homey little ballpark, and many of the few hundred fans appeared to be regulars, including the 4- or 5-year-old girl sitting in front of us with her father.

She took deep umbrage when LiAps noted that the 51's mascot, Cosmo, bears a striking resemblance to a certain CGI-created Star Wars character.

LiAps, being a lover of children everywhere, dutifully warned everyone in the group not to mention the offensive Star Wars character's name within earshot of Little Girl. Sadly, Little Pinz did not heed the warning, prompting this conversation:

Little Pinz: something about Cosmo looking like Jar-Jar

Little Girl: (indignantly) He's not Jar-Jar! He's Cosmo!

LiAps: Yeah, Little Pinz. Didn't you see the name on his uniform?

Little Pinz: Oh, c'mon, LiAps. You know I can't read.


Wise words from a young girl.